Monday, 17 August 2015

Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp (Web)

There are often situations when you need to track the location of the person you’re talking to. Not always, but sometimes it’s really urgent. So, we have come here with three best methods to help you be aware:

1. Through Facebook Chat
This is fast, but a little tricky as well, though it’s pretty straight forward. Many people have used this method and it’s been a success. You need to be friends with whoever you want to track on Facebook. Next have a conversation with that friend on Facebook. Make sure all other tabs remain closed, and no application is running on the background that consumes your net.
Next, follow these :
  • Press Win+R , a shortcut it us.
  • Next you type cmd and enter.
  • In the command prompt that appears, type netstat -an and click enter.
  • This now provides to you with a list of IP addresses, which will have the person’s address whom you are chatting too as well.
  • You now have to have a look at the possible IP of the person.
  • Next you have to go to and then type the IP address on the box which says “lookup this ip or website”
And there you go!

2. By Creating Tracking Link
This is a better source than the first one. Also, once done, it lets you track the addresses. Basically you are to get a link which will save their IP address with timestamp and user-agent/browser.
All you do is follow as stated below:
  1. Visit a website such as 000webhost, ByteHost, Free Hostia, etc. (See Full List of Free Web Hosting Sites Here)
  2. Now you need to make up a domain name and register yourself there for free. May be a sub domain such And also make sure you can add up your own files..
  3. Next you have to download a zip file: Track-IP
  4. You will see files, namely: img.jpg, index.php and log.txt. You need to out them up on your free website root.
  5. Now, the link you created, (, this will be your tracking link. You send it to the person, and make sure that they visit it
  6. Once they click on the URL, the log.txt file will trace their IP, Browser along with the timestamp. And now you are through!*This works out better on email*

3. Using Website Tracing Scripts
This needs you to have a website.
Now the steps:
    • Add the Google Analytics tracking code on your website.
    • Create a link of your website. A dummy post would be more preferable.
    • Just like in the above method you need to make them click over the link you just sent.
    • If you happen to be online, you would be able to see them on your Google Analytics account for the link. Otherwise you cab visit their later, and check out the history and other details.
    • For the user’s stat, Google Analytics is a lot more derailed.
There are other tracking links such as Histats, Statcounter, etc.

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