Saturday, 22 August 2015

Auto Install KALI Tools

I have been watching all the features for a long time and currently I have come to a conclusion that Kali 2.0 is the best in User Interface when compared with its ancestors. 

Today, I would like to show you guys how to update the tools (or download the tools to any of your favorite linux distro). It is a Python tool named "Katoolin" which is short for "Kali Tools Installer". The requirements for this is Python 2.7.

The specifications according to the creator :

  • Add Kali linux repositories
  • Remove kali linux repositories
  • Install Kali linux tools
  • Python 2.7
  • An operating system (tested on Ubuntu)


  • Just select the number of a tool to install it
  • Press 0 to install all tools
  • back : Go back
  • gohome : Go to the main menu
For downloading the tool:

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