Tuesday, 19 January 2016

6 Best Wireless Hacking Tools

Wi-Fi is now an important part of our daily life. We use Wi-Fi to connect our devices together and access Internet wirelessly. Most of the people have their own personal wireless home network. These wireless networks are generally password protected. What if you want to connect to a WI-Fi network without asking for the password from network owner. You can try cracking password of the network with available wi-fi cracking tools. If you are not sure what tool to use, you can read this post to know more about WI-Fi password cracking tools.


Wireless networks use WEP and WPA security protocols. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy ) is deprecated security protocol which was introduced back in 1997. It was weak and has several serious weakness. Cracking of the network with WEP security was easy. TO overcome the weakness, WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) was introduced. It has two versions 1 and 2. This is why we call WPA and WPA2. WPA is the current security protocol used to secure wireless networks.

5 Best Wireless Password Cracking Tools

1. Aircrack
It is the most popular wireless password cracking tools. This tool can crack 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA security. It uses best algorithm to recover wireless passwords by capturing packets and perform standard FMS attack. Online tutorials are also available on its official website to learn how to use this tool.
It also comes as Linux distribution Live CD and VMWare image.

2. CoWPAtty
CoWPAtty is an automated dictionary attack tools to crack WPA passwords. It comes for Linux operating system. It offers on command line interface, so you need to lean the commands to use this tool.

3. AirSnort
AirSnort is a freely available tool for decrypting WEP encryption on Wi-Fi 802.11b networks. This tool is no longer in active maintenance but works fine. It passively monitors transmission, captures packets and computer encryption keys. It is available for Linux and Windows platforms.

4. WepAttack
WepAttack is an opensource Linux tool used for cracking WEP keys. It performs active dictionary attack to guess the working key. It only supports few WLAN cards. 

5. CloudCracker
CloudCracker is an online tool used to crack WPA protected WI-FI networks. This tool also offers cracking of other kind of hashes too. It has a dictionary of around 300 million words to perform attack.

6. Airjack
Airjack is a Wi-Fi 802.11 packet injection tool. This tool is used to perform “man-in-the-middle (MiTm)” attack in the network. It can also be used to inject forged packets to perform DOS attack.

These tools are used to perform attack on a wireless network. It is worth to mention that performing attack on some network may be illegal. So, try these tools only for educational and learning purpose. We do not encourage illegal activities. 

There are many other tools available in market which offers similar kind of thing. Many paid tools are also available but these free tools work fine.

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