Sunday, 25 October 2015

Burpkit - Next-Gen Burpsuite Penetration Testing Tool

Welcome to the next generation of web application penetration testing - using WebKit to own the web. BurpKit is a BurpSuite plugin which helps in assessing complex web apps that render the contents of their pages dynamically. It also provides a bi-directional JavaScript bridge API which allows users to create quick one-off BurpSuite plugin prototypes which can interact directly with the DOM and Burp's extender API.

System Requirements   

BurpKit needs the following system requirements: 
  • Oracle JDK >=8u50 and <9 ( Download  ) 
  • At least 4GB of RAM 


Installing BurpKit is simple: 
  1. Download the latest prebuilt release from the GitHub releases page
  2. Open BurpSuite and navigate to the Extender  tab. 
  3. Under Burp Extensions  click the Add  button. 
  4. In the Load Burp Extension  dialog, make sure that Extension Type  is set to Java  and click the Select file ...  button under Extension Details  . 
  5. Select the BurpKit-<version>.jar  file and click Next  when done. 

If all goes well, you will see three additional top-level tabs appear in BurpSuite: 
  1. BurpKitty : a courtesy browser for navigating the web within BurpSuite. 
  2. BurpScript IDE  : a lightweight integrated development environment for writing JavaScript-based BurpSuite plugins and other things. 
  3. Jython  : an integrated python interpreter console and lightweight script text editor.


BurpScript  enables users to write desktop-based JavaScript applications as well as BurpSuite extensions using the JavaScript scripting language. This is achieved by injecting two new objects by default into the DOM on page load: 
  1. burpKit  : provides numerous features including file system I/O support and easy JS library injection. 
  2. burpCallbacks  : the JavaScript equivalent of the IBurpExtenderCallbacks  interface in Java  with a few slight modifications. 

Take a look at the examples  folder for more information. 

More Information?   

A readable version of the docs  can be found at here  

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