Monday, 27 July 2015

The Art of Intrusion

The Art of Intrusion - A Social Engineering Basics Guide

In computer and website hacking history, the most common and easy-to-hack vulnerability is the human. Most of the hacks like that of Sony, were successful due to the weak passwords. Some default passwords are never changed so who ever knows about the gadget (server, WiFi AP, etc) can easily get access. Another successful exploit working on the IT sector is Social Engineering.

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people for getting information or service which otherwise was not accessible.


Kevin Mitnick - one of the famous hackers in history, writes his story on how he fooled around and got all information required using social engineering techniques. This book revolves around how he was successful in hacking and how he manages when got caught. So to start your career of hacking people i.e., Social Engineering , this is a must-read book for them.

I have uploaded the online version of this book. So whoever wants to read this book can download.


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